• Radhi Small Hydropower Project Installed Capacity: 4.4 MW
    Design Flow: 0.87 m3/s.

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  • Dordi-I Hydropower Project Installed Capacity: 10.3 MW
    Design Flow: 11.36 m3/s

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  • Syange Mini Hydropower ProjectInstalled Capacity: 183KW
    Design Flow: 570 l/s

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Flash Heading:

Dordi-I Hydroelectric Project

Dordi –I Hydroelectric Project(DHEP-I)


Dordi Khola Jal Bidyut Company Ltd. ( 10.3 MW)


The main features of the project are:

Location : Dhodeni, Phaleni & Bansar VDC, Lamjung
Installed Capacity : 10.3 MW
Design Flow : 11.36 m3/s
Gross Head : 134 meters
Annual Contract Energy : 56.15 GWh
              Dry Energy : 8.72 GWh
              Wet Energy : 47.42 GWh
Current Status : Under Development
COD Date : 1st Sharwan 2076 B.S

Dordi-I Hydroelectric project, located in Dhodeni,Phaleni and Bansar VDC of Lamjung district, has an installed capacity of 10.3 MW. The Electricity Generation License for the project was obtained in Magh 2069.The Power generated from the project will be evacuated from Proposed Udipur Substation of NEA in Lamjung district. Dordi khola Jal Bidyut Comapny Limited, which has the development rights for this project, is a subsidiary of CEDB Hydro Fund Limited.


The DKJBCL's majority shareholder is Lamjung Electricity Development Company Limited.

Current Status:

  • IEE approved by GON on 2067/04/18.
  • PPA Signed with NEA on 2071/08/19.
  • Interconnection agreement signed with NEA.
  • Most of lands in HW and PH area is purchased, Negotiations for purchase of remaining land is underway.
  • Applications for Forest Land and Tree Cutting in the Project area is in processing by GON.
  • Renewal of Transmission Line Survey License is in Progress, Detail design of Transmission Line is being done by Consultant.
  • Financial closure for the project  completed on 28th Poush 2072.
  • Proposed RCOD if the Project is 2076/04/01.
  • Application for the purchase of explosives required is submitted to government.
  • Consultant is hired for Final Design layout of the project.
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