• Radhi Small Hydropower Project Installed Capacity: 4.4 MW
    Design Flow: 0.87 m3/s.

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  • Dordi-I Hydropower Project Installed Capacity: 10.3 MW
    Design Flow: 11.36 m3/s

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  • Syange Mini Hydropower ProjectInstalled Capacity: 183KW
    Design Flow: 570 l/s

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Flash Heading:

Syange Mini Hydropower Project

Syange Mini Hydropower Project(SMHP)


Syange Mini Hydropower Project( 183 kW)


The main features of the project are:

Location : Tangring VDC, Lamjung
Installed Capacity : 183 kW
Design Flow : 570 ltrs./s
Gross Head : 46 meters
Annual Contract Energy : 1191429 kWh
              Dry Energy : 292484 kWh
              Wet Energy : 898945 kWh
Current Status : Under Operation


Syange Mini Hydropower Project is located in Tangring VDC of Lamjung District having capacity of 183 kW. The project is developed by Syange Bidyut Company Ltd. (SBCL) by utilizing the source of Syange Waterfall. The project has successfully started its generation from 2001 A.D and it is the first project developed by private sector on commercial basis.


The SBCL's majority shareholder is Lamjung Electricity Development Company Ltd.

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